For Persephone

Lady fair of the underworld and spring, Mistress of nourishment, and beauty. Daughter of Demeter, fair and wise, she who brings the spring! Hail to you, I say, come, and bring your fruits, lay them at Her feet, and pound your drums, and fists. Call to Her and ask for Her to be your guide….

For Hades

Hades, beloved of the dead, Wise and just, God of Wealth, and prosperity, Lord of the Underworld. Keeper of the hidden, oh mysterious, and fair one. Sacred and Harsh. He who carries away all, Lord of the Mortals. Bearer of the Biton, son of Cronus and Rhea, Guide of the dead, and friend to the…

A Welcome

Hail to you, Hestia, keeper of the Flame of the Hearth, glowing lady of protection. Keep me, and allow me to exist peacefully in my space, and this space. I bid you welcome to my blog. I offer blessings to Hestia on your behalf. May your fire always burn. May your light never dampen.